To My Dad

To My Dad

I am dedicating The Prodigal Son to my father.


When I was younger and traveling, I liked to live on the edge.

Sometimes I even crossed the line.


Before every trip, I stopped by mom and dad’s house to say goodbye.

I always asked dad to pray for me while I was gone.


I knew my recklessness would lead me into harm’s way.

But I knew my dad’s prayers would protect me.


Just as I could feel the shirt on my back and the shoes on my feet,

I could feel my father’s power of prayer protecting me.


This is something many people do not accept or understand.

But, it is true.


Before I took off on every trip, dad gave me some advice.

I would like to share that same advice with my readers:


“Be as wise as a serpent

And as gentle as a dove.”

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